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About Us

No Limbits was born out of frustration that led to a solution and ultimately a vision. After losing her leg in a car crash in 2018, our founder Erica Cole found that her new prosthetic leg wasn't compatible with her existing wardrobe. Nothing would fit over her bulky prosthetic, which made getting dressed in the morning a pain and making adjustments throughout the day even more difficult. Erica eventually found that practicality ended up winning out over her own personal style, a compromise she hated having to make. 

Drawing on the skills that she learned as a theatrical costume designer, Erica decided it was time to take matters into her own hands. She designed the perfect jeans for her. They were easy to get on and off, they fit over her prosthesis and they were reinforced to withstand increased wear and tear. These pants made such a huge difference for Erica that she decided that she wanted to help other amputees who shared her frustration. 

Erica started sharing her idea, starting with a pitch competition at an Iowa JPEC IdeaStorm. After winning, she knew this could turn into something big and she started devoting more and more time to No Limbits. Today, after winning multiple startup competitions, completing a successful Kickstarter campaign and receiving funding from enthusiastic investors, Erica is excited to build No Limbits into a leader in the adaptive apparel space so that no one has to compromise between style and function, regardless of the unique circumstances of their lives and bodies.