so about the pants

Are the Unlimbited Pants only for amputees?

No, not at all! Our AMP pants and our Unlimbited pants can be helpful for people with Lymphedema, knee braces, leg braces, AFO's, and of course prosthetics.

Are there zippers on both legs?

Yes! Both our AMP pants and Unlimbited pants have zippers in both legs.

How far up to the zippers go?

In both men's and women's styles they go up about 26"

What is the best way to measure myself?

Good question! We made a video on how to measure yourslef linked here - Video here!

Wouldn't it be cheaper to go to a seamstress?

about the sensory collection

What is Sensory Processing Disorder?

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is a condition in which the brain receives sensory input differently than neurotypical people. It is strongly associated with autism and ADHD, but can exist on its own. It can affect any of the senses, including touch, which is why people with SPD can struggle with clothing. For people with SPD, sensory input from tags and seams can be interpreted as more than just irritation, it can be distracting, exhausting, and even painful.

What is sensory friendly clothing?

Sensory friendly clothing is clothing designed to mitigate some of the symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) associated with touch. This often involves the removal of tags, seams, and other tactile elements common in non-adaptive clothing. Sometimes sensory friendly clothing is weighted or has some compression around the waist or hips.

Our Sensory Friendly Collection is designed with SPDs in mind.  By eliminating tags and seams, and flatfelling any seams that need to exist, we’re able to take out a lot of those extra stimuli that are in traditional clothing. When worn as a base layer, our Sensory Tanks can help block out any irritations from clothing worn over the top. They also provide a level of trunk compression that can be regulating to people with SPD similar to the way weighted blankets work. 

Often SPD is also associated with challenges thermoregulating, or managing temperature. All of our sensory products have a cool-touch feel, meaning that they help in keep the wearer cool and comfortable. 

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What's so special about the sensory tees?

The sensory friendly tees were designed specifically for people with Sensory Processing Disorders (SPDs) in mind!

First, we took a buttery soft, moisture-wicking, and antimicrobial fabric. The weight is a little lighter than a normal t-shirt.

Then we paid extra special attention to the seams. All of them are flatlocked, meaning that they feel seamless to the wearer. We even used a special soft thread.

Finally, we took out the tags and replaced them with a textureless heat press label.

The result? The most comfortable tee you'll ever encounter, and the perfect basic for people with SPDs.

Are the sensory tanks meant to wear underneath clothes?

That's all up to you!

While the tanks have the coverage to wear on their own, they can also be worn as a base layer to make non-sensory friendly clothes worn over the top a little more bearable. They can also be used in place of a bra for light-medium support.

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i ordered the goods

What is your return policy?

All items can be returned within 60 days of your order in new condition, no questions asked! Return details are in your order confirmation email. Otherwise, email for assistance.

An item did not end up fitting me :(

No worries at all! We will make it right, please email to chat with someone from our team!

I loved my order so much, I took the cutest picture and want it to be featured on your Instagram!

First of all - we LOVE any and all pictures of y'all wearing our clothes so please feel free to email those photos to Just put in the subject line if you're okay with it going on the gram!

Where does your stuff ship from?

Our warehouse is in Ontario, California

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Do you even care about the environment?

At No Limbits we try to do everything that we can to be as environmentally conscious. Come back later to check out our Impact Report!

I want to be a product tester for you all!

We love that you want to be a product tester! Please click the link to find out information about being a product tester. Please email any and all information to :) NL FIT MODEL GUIDE

Is No Limbits hiring?

If you are interested in joining the No Limbits team, email your resume and the job position that you're intrested in to

Our clinic would love to inform our patients about No Limbits!

We love that you want to educate more people on accessible clothing! Please fill out this questionnaire and Bethany will reach out to you ASAP! Clinic Partner Info

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