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No Limbits

No Limbits Adaptive Boy's Navy Sensory Tee

No Limbits Adaptive Boy's Navy Sensory Tee

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Our Sensory Tee was thoughtfully designed for individuals with sensory processing disorders and anyone seeking ultimate comfort! So comfortable I don’t want to take it off to wash it. But that’s OK because it’s odor-resistant too.

Key features of the Sensory Tee include:

Tagless – It’s 2023! Tags are out, heat-press, textureless labels are in. Oh, and ones that have a QR code that reads the garment description and care instructions aloud when you scan it for blind or visually impaired people are SUPER in. 

Moisture-wicking — Made with extra soft-feeling drirelease® yarns, our Sensory Tee boasts natural wicking and drying properties, because feeling wet gives me the ick. 

Ultra Soft – About as close to feeling like you’re not wearing anything at all as you can get while still wearing clothes. So close, sometimes you might have to double-check. And it won’t pill in the wash.

Flatlock seams — Seams suck, but they don’t have to! We flatlock all our seams with extra-soft thread - so you can wear them right side out! 

OPTIMER® FRESHGUARD® fabric treatment — Go ahead - wear it over and over again. Our cutting-edge antimicrobial fabric treatment has you covered with built-in odor control. 

Materials & Care

  • 85% Polyester, 15% Cotton
  • Machine wash cold with like colors
  • Tumble dry low
  • Non-chlorine bleach only
  • Do not dry clean
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