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Boy's Navy Sensory Tee

Boy's Navy Sensory Tee

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Our Sensory Tee was thoughtfully designed for individuals with sensory processing disorders and anyone seeking ultimate comfort! So comfortable I don’t want to take it off to wash it. But that’s OK because it’s odor-resistant too.

Key features of the Sensory Tee include:

Tagless – It’s 2023! Tags are out, heat-press, textureless labels are in. Oh, and ones that have a QR code that reads the garment description and care instructions aloud when you scan it for blind or visually impaired people are SUPER in. 

Moisture-wicking — Made with extra soft-feeling drirelease® yarns, our Sensory Tee boasts natural wicking and drying properties, because feeling wet gives me the ick. 

Ultra Soft – About as close to feeling like you’re not wearing anything at all as you can get while still wearing clothes. So close, sometimes you might have to double-check. And it won’t pill in the wash.

Flatlock seams — Seams suck, but they don’t have to! We flatlock all our seams with extra-soft thread - so you can wear them right side out! 

OPTIMER® FRESHGUARD® fabric treatment — Go ahead - wear it over and over again. Our cutting-edge antimicrobial fabric treatment has you covered with built-in odor control. 

Materials & Care

  • 85% Polyester, 15% Cotton
  • Machine wash cold with like colors
  • Tumble dry low
  • Non-chlorine bleach only
  • Do not dry clean

 This product is scheduled to complete production in late May and will ship in early June. We will update you with any changes to the schedule and you can cancel at any time.  Read more about why we're offering pre-orders here!

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